Character Information
Native Name: バードマン
Other Names: Bādoman
Superman (Formerly)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Skin color: Peach
Nationality: Japanese
Habitat: Japan
Friends: Mitsuo Suwa
Sumire Hoshino
Hozen Omaya
Character Background
Seiyu: Akira Shimada (1st)
Yoshito Yasuhara (2nd-Present)

Birdman is one of the Supermen, the guardians of the universe. He is the one who made Mitsuo, Booby, Sumire, and Hozen Oyama into Permans and told them not to tell their secret identities to anyone.


  • His name is Superman in early series, but he is renamed Birdman in later series to avoid violating the copyright of DC. Despite this, his appearance completely differs from the original Superman.

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