Ganko Suwa
Character Information
Native Name: 須羽がん子
Other Names: Ganko
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 5-7
Hair color: Black
Skin color: Peach
Birthdate: June 13 2009
Nationality: Japanese
Habitat: Japan
Relatives: Japan
Friends: Michiko Sawada
Enemies: Mitsuo Suwa
Personality: Headstrong and obstinate
Character Background
Seiyu: Masako Sugaya (1st)
Yuri Nashiwa (2nd-Present)

Ganko Suwa is Mitsuo Suwa's younger sister.

Description Edit

As her given name can be read as stubborn. Ganko is likewise head strong and obstinate, although she is more known for tattling on Mitsuo to their mother.

Appearance Edit

Ganko has a short hair and wears dresses, commonly color yellow ones.

Relationships Edit

Michiko Sawada Edit

Ganko and Michiko were very close friends. They both love and play dolls together. One time, they trade things. Michiko trade her old dresses to Ganko for the exchange for a doll (which is a copy robot, one of the things of Perman).

Mitsuo Suwa Edit

Though siblings, they were always fighting each other. Ganko always give complaint to her mom from not cleaning his room through stealing food from the refrigerator (Due to that the Copy Robot usually eats dinner with the family). Ganko is only the many people who almost caught Mitsuo in the mask.

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