Michiko Sawada
Character Information
Native Name: 沢田ミチ子
Other Names: Micchan
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair color: Brown
Skin color: Peach
Nationality: Japanese
Habitat: Japan
Relatives: Japan
Friends: Mitsuo Suwa
Personality: Sweet, Quiet
Character Background
Seiyu: Kyōko Emi (1st)

Masako Miura (2nd-Present)

Michiko Sawada is the classmate of Mitsuo as well as the admirer of Perman.



Mitsuo SuwaEdit

They are friends. Mitsuo has a crush on Michiko though Michiko admires Perman that she doesn't knows that Perman is Mitsuo. In one episode, Michiko signed up on a fake club to become nearer to Perman.

Sumire HoshinoEdit

As Pako, Sumire and Michiko are often quarrelling with each other. The possible reason is that Pako has a crush on Mitsuo while Michiko admires Perman greatly.



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