Suwa Mitsuo
Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 11
Hair color: Black
Skin color: Fair
Nationality: Japanese
Enemies: Kabao
Character Background
Mitsuo Suwa (須羽満夫) is the main character in the series, Mitsuo is the rebellious 11-year-old boy chosen as the first Perman. Of the five known Perman, he has had the most close calls to having his secret identity made known (and his cover blown).


As Mitsuo he commonly wears white shirts with green shorts. As Perman, he wears a blue helmet, red cape & badge. His copyrobot color is yellow or white.


He hates studying, being yelled by his mother, afraid of ghosts, and cockroaches (the insects were once used in a scheme by the ZenAkuRen). He has a crush on Michiko and often quarrels with Pako. He is a big fan of the singer Sumire Hoshino, who, unbeknown to anyone, actually is Perman #3. Mitsuo seems to be very lazy sometimes. And, occasionally, he is quick to cry, even when he is Perman. He's also shown to suffer sea sickness in one episode.

he starts hating Michiko in last chapter vol.7 and falls in love with sumire .

His personality is very similar to Nobita in Doraemon



Mrs. SuwaEdit

She often scolds Mitsuo for low scores on test, not cleaning his room & stealing food on the refrigerator. In one episode, Mitsuo give not-so-bad score on test but his mom still disappointed making Mitsuo angry. Later, she realizes that Mitsuo put an effort to the test.

Ganko SuwaEdit

As siblings they are fighting each other. Mitsuo hates her because of her complaints to her mom about him. Mitsuo is doing payback to Ganko so that Ganko will not complain to mom. One of the paybacks is cleaning Ganko's room . Her mom thought Ganko does all the chores so she definitely praise Ganko rather than Mitsuo who actually cleaned her room.

Mr. SuwaEdit

He definitely does not trust Perman when he barges in the house drunk (Mitsuo accidentally drinks wine).



Booby is Mitsuo's favourite sidekick. They are loyal and friendly to each other.

Sumire HoshinoEdit

Mitsuo greatly admires Sumire as she was saw on TV screens. However, he don't know that Pako & Sumire are the same. He often quarrels Pako for somewhat reason. But eventually Sumire falls in love with Mitsuo, revealing herself to him at the end of the chapter.and mitsuo also falls in love with her


  • Sumire later falls in love with Mitsuo, revealing herself only to him in the final chapter.(vol.7) and Mitsuo also falls in love with her and starts hating michiko
  • Perman appears in a Doraemon Birthday Special called The Giant Dora-Raccoon at Midnight and one of the characters; Nina idolizes him.
  • His favourite food is pancake.
  • Although he only has 300 yen each month, he has a Gameboy and a PS2 in Pa-Pa-Pa The Movie Parman ★.


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