Pa-Pa-Pa The Movie Parman ★

Pa-Pa-Pa The Movie Parman ★ (Pa-Pa-Pa ザ☆ムービー パーマン) is a 2003 short film.

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We see Mitsuo playing on his Game Boy Advance, winning the game against Kabao and Sabu. Kabao and Sabu gets angry with Mitsuo and start tickling him. Mitsuo's Game Boy Advance falls down and near the feet of Mitchiko. She scolds Kabao and Sabu after hearing everything from Mitsuo. Mitsuo says that he wants to get revenge but Mitchiko tell him no to do so and he falls down. He then goes home. Near the gate, his sister, Ganko is sweeping the floor. She then tells him there is some dirt on his shirt and went to tell his mother. Mitsuo runs away. While walking down the stairs, he sees Birdman sleeping with his UFO by his side. An ant crawls out of his mask, and he wakes up. Then he checks his watch and exclaims happily while hugging himself. He turns around and finds Mitsuo. Birdman says hi to him and he says hi to him in return. Then he asks him to blow up a balloon for him. Mitsuo blows it for him and Birdman pops it. Then he says that he was the one he needed and gave him the perman uniform. He told Mitsuo that it would help him save the world. Mitsuo had no idea what he was saying, so Birdman made him understand by forcing him to wear he helmet and threw him into the sky. Mitsuo got scared that he would fall down (The title pops up, Perman no 1 gets hit by it and then we see Birdman meeting Booby, Pako and Payan and gives them their masks, badges and capes).

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