Sumire Hoshino
Character Information
Native Name: 星野 スミレ
Other Names: Hoshino Summire

Perman #3
Pergirl (English Dub)

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair color: Brown
Skin color: Peach
Nationality: Japanese
Habitat: Japan
Friends: Mitsuo Suwa


Personality: Tomboyish, Headstrong, Bossy, Brave, Bold, Hot Headed (As Perman # 3)
Kind, Polite
Respectful (As Sumire)
Talent: Singing and Dancing
Character Background
Seiyu: Yōko Kuri (1st)
Eiko Masuyama (2nd~)

Sumire Hoshino (or Perman #3) is a deuteragonist in the series. Although Sumire is a girl, she is officially addressed as "Perman 3"; however, her teammates often call her called "Pāko". Her secret identity, which she never reveals even to her teammates, is a famous child star. Sumire feels more free as Pāko because, as the child star Sumire, she is always treated as a celebrity everywhere she goes.


Sumire has a short brown hair which is sometimes accompanied by a headband. As Sumire, she wears traditional girl clothes and as Pāko she wears her Perman set (a red helmet, green cape, and badge) and a pink frock.Her copyrobot color is pink. Birdman makes her the Perman 3.


She has a tomboyish, brave, bold, hot-headed, and headstrong personality as Pāko. As Pāko, she acts bossy and gets angry about the wrong-doings of people around her, regardless of whether it was purposeful or not. She often quarrels with a fellow teammate Mitsuo, whether it's nagging him about being a proper Perman, or picking on him for liking Michiko. As Sumire, she was kind, polite, intelligent and respectful comparable to Shizuka in Doraemon series.

Relationships Edit

Mitsuo Suwa Edit

Mitsuo is the closest friend of Sumire, and her lover later in the series. She often calls him dumb and stupid, but she has a soft spot for him inside her heart. Whenever Pāko is in trouble, she tells about it to Mitsuo first indicating that he indeed is very close to her. Even Mitsuo also loves her later in the series when she reveal her real identity. Sumire had a cameo appearance in Doraemon telling Nobita that she is waiting for Mitsuo.

Trivia Edit

  • She later falls in love with Mitsuo, revealing herself only to him in the final chapter (vol.7) Mitsuo also falls in love with her at last.
  • Sumire, as an older actress, also makes significant cameo appearances in two chapters of Doraemon, telling Nobita about a faraway lover whose return she is waiting for (in volume 19 and 24 Doraemon).who is Mitsuo or Perman 1.
  • In the movie ''Stand by Me Doraemon'' she made a cameo appearance only in a picture which was in the wall where doraemon sleeps .
  • Her name is based on "Sumire"- Japanese name of Violet flower.
  • In the more earlier versions of Perman, she was blonde.